After decades of coding, even worse, like many heavy Emacs user, I nearly don’t move my hands away from keyboard.

I’m suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury) problem.

I have tried some ergonomic keyboards, like Goldtouch Adjustable, Infinity Ergodox, Model01. (Xah Lee have reviews of them.) However, the RSI still stay with me.

As a asian, I have small hands. The ergonomic keyboards I used still require me to twist wrist. So to build my own one is necessary.

It’s curve and the top row is higher then others. I named it BluffCurve.

The Photos

The Features

  • Curve
  • Able to adjust the angle
  • Thumb can control 5 keys
  • Nearly no need to twist the wrist to press any key

The Building

The case is is base on swan_match’s Colosseum60 Blender model. And of course with the build kit of Colosseum60. The tent is from Ergodox EZ.

Is there a pair of socks on your desk? Yes, it is. Just put some napkins into them and glue it to the desk. You see the right one can even share to the trackball. In fact, that’s my proud part. :)

I can give more information of the building, if you guys have interest to it.

How I feel

I have used it to daily coding for about 1 month. It hard to say my RSI is recovering or not. But it really comfortable to typing.


  • Thanks to SwanMatch. He(or she) help me a lot when I building the hardware.
  • Thanks to Xah Lee. The review of the keyboards help me a lot.